Quinton Moss

Dallas, Texas, US

Quinton's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Quinton

Technical Co-Founder (full stack developer; ideally with design capabilities)
Ability to build mobile/web application.


I have a burning desire to build a business from the ground up and I have the potential to really make an impact. I'm looking for a business partner who will motivate, help take the vision from concept to market, and scale the business in the future.

Although I have several I'd like to share and potentially pursue, my current focus is on an idea with disruptive potential in a market that lacks this particular innovation.

Mobile/Web App; SaaS; B2B & B2C

I've recently had a fascination with the sharing economy and how well it's been adopted by the average consumer. It's really changing the way we do business and the business model could be applied to various industries. The "uber for" business model is appealing and only a part of the idea I have in mind. This application would streamline a process that's typically considered daunting for consumers, and help the bottom line on the business side. It definitely solves a problem and its very much so scalable.