R K Pillai

Mumbai, India

Sales, Marketing & Transformational Coach
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Business Development
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An accomplished hard-core international Sales & Marketing professional. Invested of business temperament, capacity and a real conviction to perform, I am dynamic, persistent, disciplined, and organized. Have travelled extensively and amassed vast knowledge of challenges & roadblocks with ability to surmount those & accomplish S.M.A.R.T goals. Good at interpersonal skills, am well aware that ethical conduct, integrity & results are fundamental to forge long-standing business relationship.


There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it is convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only result. - Kenneth Blanchard

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May 1995 - Today

You may agree that while exploring new markets it is very important to actually be there, as it is often challenging to gain entry, manage or expand business in overseas markets with limited overseas presence. A seasoned and independent Marketing professional, I offer my presence, an extension of you, take charge and conduct sales functions through hands-on approach to planning as well as practical implementation, across all key disciplines in India, Middle East and Vietnam. My extensive experience, vast knowledge of challenges and roadblocks quickly penetrate the market & adapt to different business models. I will understand your business plan and provide the initial advice on some practical aspects in markets I am familiar with. Through engaging, managing and working hand-in-glove with my team of sales reps following activities are taken care at broad level. 1. Develop plans and business strategies. 2. Start marketing campaigns and initiate sales visits. 3. Identify, evaluate, appoint & manage dealers/distributors. 4. Maintain close contact with dealers/retailers and provide ongoing sales support. 5. Complete orders and business deals. I will set-up your business and continue to boost it's growth till the time you decide to manage yourself, or retain all, or some of the functions as you wish me to manage. I also assist with other different ways as mentioned below to initiate business in accordance to your requirements and objectives. 1. Channel Partners and Strategic alliances. 2. Establish local office. 3. Joint venture (JV). 4. Merger and Acquisition. 5. Public Private Partnership. 6. Franchising. 7. Outsourcing and licensing. My services drastically cut cost of marketing and most importantly, are risk free.


Tamil Nadu, India


1979 - 1982