Rachel Bailin

Los Angeles, California, US

Rachel's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Rachel

I'm an accomplished Product Manager with full stack developer experience. I have over 5 years leading marketing strategies and driving products to development in startup and digital marketing agency environments. I add value by bridging the gap between Marketing, Product, and Engineering.

In 2008 I cofounded Farmscape and helped grow it into the largest urban farming venture in the US.  From 2010 - 2013, I managed Agrisaurus, an app to help people plan, plant, and manage gardens online. In 2013 I moved to Telescope, a digital agency to serve as Product Marketing Manager of a SaaS platform. In 2014 I served as Product Manager at Tradesy, a growing e-commerce start up. Currently I am a Technical Product Manager working closely with marketing department for The Grammys. 

I love leading innovative marketing strategies. One of my most favorite marketing campaigns was the “ReFarm” campaign. It was a spoof political campaign and Farmscape ran as LA Mayor. Farmscape LLC campaigned to be the first corporate mayor under the precedent set by Citizens United which stated corporations have the same rights as people to political free speech. We ran under the platform to “ReFarm the City” and I created collateral, designed a website, and tshirts. It received over 60 press stories both locally and nationally and tripled site traffic.

I'm ambitious, organized, persistent, growth-focused and creative looking for marketing, product manager, or developer  opportunities. I like start-up culture, or any business focused on rapid growth and solving difficult problems.