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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

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I've been an entrepreneur all my life. As a middle school and high school student, I was selling gifts I got for Christmas that I didn't want to friends for double or triple what they were worth, or selling electronics before the warranty ran out at a high price, to then turnaround and buy the newest tech products with what I made. When I got to college, I started running nonprofits, developing community programs and creating my own internships programs because I did not like was was offered by my school. I live to meet people's needs, make their lives better, but in the nonprofit world, I was not making two pennies to rub together. So I quickly made a shift in my career.

A unique set of talents emerged during my college years and they were soon realized early on in my life - I sniff out opportunities where others see doors closed. I don't mind the hassle of climbing through the window because I can see what's on the other side. It's worth it.

In 2006, I became a realtor while I was an undergraduate, en route to becoming a psychologist, or so I thought. After graduation in 2010, I went off to be a doctor. Then, I realized I hated it after a few months of being a therapist, so I carefully decided to leave with a Masters in Clinical Psychology instead. In 2012, I walked into the admissions office at Drexel and asked to be admitted to the entrepreneur MBA program. I refused to take the GMAT, I told them about my background and showed my tenacity and excitement to have finally realized my calling. I was accepted on the spot and began the next month. Now, I am almost done with my program, having gone part-time.

Since 2012, I began my own small business consulting and career coaching company, leveraging my masters in Psychology and my business background (which I think also runs in my genes as my parents were business owners for quite some time). Since then, I have advised in the launch of 7 startups in the services industry and in 1 product startup. I understand people on a deep psychological level (emotional, mental and behavioral) - so I have been using that to help people create products and services that tap into other's needs. I bring something special that all the business people often lack, the empathy and emotional intelligence to understand the consumer.

Let's put our talents together to create amazing products that alleviate pain points in the most sorest of spots for today's consumer. I am seeking advising from the best, I know you're out there, we just have not met yet.


Rutgers University

B.A. Psychology & Women and Gender Studies

2010 - 2010

Chestnut Hill College

M.S. Clinical Psychology

2012 - 2012

MBA - Drexel University

MBA - Entrepreneurship/Tech Management

2016 - 2016


Real Estate License (NJ)


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Co-working Space

Benjamin's Desk

2015 - 2016