Rachel G

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Business Development
Product Management

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About Rachel

I am the Owner and Founder of YouRCooK (www.your-cook.com). YouRCooK provides sustainable food and drink management solutions through smart technology that encourages the consumption of a nutritious and balanced diet.

YouRCooK has recently launched the Fresh Alerts service to help you reduce your food waste bill. The service can be accessed via the YouRCooK App which is available for download from the Google Play and Apple iTunes Stores.

I enjoy generating ideas and turning great viable ideas into products and services that can benefit us. I see the potential in how things could be and I always strive to do more, be more and learn more.

I have amassed UK and international private, public and voluntary work experience in a range of industries and worn many hats over the past 16 years for businesses such as Greggs, SUEZ, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, Mondel─ôz International and Legoland. I have a particular interest in the Technology sector and the rate at which new technologies are transforming our lives and the world we live in.


University of Leeds


2006 - 2009