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Rachel Greenberg

Founder & CEO @ Beta Bowl, e-learning & edtech entrepreneur, ex-Wall Street (WF, JPM, PJC), UNC KFBS

Newport Beach, United States
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I am an entrepreneur in the e-learning and edtech spaces (with a background in investment banking at three top Wall Street firms, and varied digital startup and consulting experience). My companies facilitate innovation, invention, and impact on the world through the amazing students, influencers, creatives, and aspiring entrepreneurs we serve. I am also a startup consultant and advisor - I help early-stage startups seeking assistance with marketing, fundraising, product sourcing and creation, etc. My clients have gone on to raise millions of dollars, gross tens of millions in revenue, have been featured on Shark Tank and in Oprah's Magazine, and have successfully exited to both private equity investors and strategic acquirors. ACTIVELY SEEKING: I am actively seeking early-stage startups in the edtech, e-learning, content marketing, "edutainment", and education media spaces to advise or work with. I am open to early-stage startups in other industries as well, but if you are working on an innovative startup in those aforementioned industries, feel free to reach out. I also happen to have a little screenplay that won 1st place for Best Screenplay Feature at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards...the plot is a boardroom drama that combines Wall Street + Startups + Digital Media in a timely manner for an eye-opening look at the dangers behind a true monopoly (and how the sure path isn't always the best). I'm a serial entrepreneur in the e-learning, education technology, and digital marketing spaces primarily. My company Beta Bowl has helped create over 400+ teen entrepreneurs in the past six months alone, and I've acted as a co-founder, consultant, and advisor for a variety of startups from those in the technology space to pet products to info-products to digital media and more. I am actively looking for opportunities to impart my experience and knowledge particularly as an advisor to innovative education technology startups as well as new content and education marketplace startups that may be in their early days. I also have a finance background (investment banking and asset management at JP Morgan, Piper Jaffray (M&A), and Wells Fargo (M&A), so in addition to advising on launch plans, product testing and enhancements, early adopter launches and beta testing, and digital marketing, I would also be happy to advise on the financial piece as well.
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Focus Groups
  • Team Development
  • Team Building
  • Implementation Planning
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Implementation Experience
  • Concept to Execution
  • Concept to Implementation
  • Concept to Launch
  • Financial & Operational Modeling
  • Financial Modeling
  • E-learning Implementation
  • E-learning Development
  • E-learning Modules
  • E Learning
  • E-Learning Consulting
  • E-Learning
  • ELearning implementation
  • Elearning
  • Edtech
  • Business Education
  • Career Education
  • Educational Workshops
  • Educational Technology
  • Educational Seminars
  • Educational Programs
  • Educational Games
  • Educational Consulting
  • Education Software
  • Education Strategy
  • Education Marketing
  • Education + Elearning
  • EBITDA Growth
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Business Planning
  • Business Plan Evaluation
  • Business Plan Formulation
  • Webinar Development
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Landing Pages
  • M&A experience
  • New Business Pitches
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Funnel Tracking
  • Sales Funnels
  • Operations
  • Public Relations
  • User Experience
  • Product Management
  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • Strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Sales
  • Growth
  • Marketing

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