Rachel Hellenga

Elmhurst, Illinois, US

Rachel's Skills
Product Management

About Rachel

I’ve been through the agile development process in the context of designing educational exhibits for children’s museums and science centers. I've designed all kinds of learning experiences and I love it. I enjoy mocking stuff up, testing it with the public, and then getting to the “aha” moment of arriving at the right interface. I’ve developed hundreds of “minimum viable products” and worked out the kinks in software and non-traditional interfaces (mechanical, electromechanical, or software-driven). Now I'd like to branch out and apply my experience with the agile design process in other settings.

I’m interested in teaming up with a programmer and/or engineer/fabricator to develop tablet apps and interactive toys/exhibits for schools. Let's make classroom learning as experiential and memorable as a museum field trip by introducing opportunities for experimentation, tinkering, making, inventing, and coding, using strategies that appeal to girls as much as to boys. I have a few prototypes based on work done for children’s museums.


Harvard University

A.B., psychology

1989 - 1989