Rachel Mehta

New York, New York, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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First time founder

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About Rachel

Historically, I have been a market research/consumer insights professional passionate about uncovering customer pain points, needs, attitudes and behaviors across channels and target markets and analyzing them within the broader context of industry trends, competitive landscape and underlying business challenges.

The research + insights I have delivered have helped iconic brands and Fortune 500 companies guide their new product development efforts, bridge the existing product gaps, create brand differentiation through value proposition development, identify price optimization to drive greater user acquisition, deeper engagement and minimize retention with the ultimate end goal of continuing to move the business forward through data-driven actionable insights.

In light of the rapid modernization spurred by technological revolution, over the years we have all unknowingly evolved into a much more demanding new age customer that expects the fastest, easiest and most efficient way of getting things done. Somewhere along the way of my traditional market research career, I found myself increasingly searching for better solutions to major pain points I have experienced throughout my day to day living.

As I started making a conscious note of my own recurring pain points, I realized I was not the only one and that there is a critical mass of like-minded individuals feeling the same problem, which if tackled in a truly disruptive manner there is an incredible opportunity to translate those very pain points into a very positive experience and create meaningful value for a much wider target audience. After careful evaluation of those pain points and possible solutions for several weeks followed by thorough market and competitive due diligence to validate the opportunity from a viable business potential standpoint, I have narrowed it down to the one most compelling idea taken form as my startup called PRIX FIXED within hospitality space, specifically catering to restaurants.

My participation in Founder's Institute, an idea-stage start-up accelerator also helped me make a lot of success on building on my idea.

In line with my strong desire to develop a solution that I have personally faced on an ongoing basis and for which I believe there is also a strong market need as validated by others, I am on the hunt for a co-founder/CTO with a strong web development background who is interested in partnering to iteratively refine, test and successfully bring the solution to market. If you interested in hearing more, please feel free to message me here and I will get back to you ASAP.