Rachel M. Murray


Kings County, New York, US


About Rachel

Hi there! I'm an experienced UX designer looking to learn and networking. More info about me at rachelmmurray.com

At this point, I'm looking for full time employment, but I always love keeping a foot in the startup world, so great disruptive ideas are always welcomed.

My current side project obsession is one I'd be willing to explore with a developer - I'm looking for an event listing aggregation service. I have enough ideas about the design, but would need to speak to someone with backend experience so that we could work on the viability of how to build it - specifically around the challenges of data standards, APIs and scalability. I know enough about the frameworks like Bootstrap for the presentation layer - it's the data layer where the problem truly lives, and why this hasn't been solved yet. If you're tired of checking Facebook AND Twitter AND Google Calendar AND newsletters AND Gary's Guide and whatever other sources, contact me to solve this problem.