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I am the CEO of a lean healthcare startup looking for an individual to be our chief marketing officer. I have many years of experience in healthcare as a physician as does one of my partners. Our 2 technical cofounders are seniors executives at one of the largest IT firms in the world (the one in Seattle). My partners and I have developed a very capable platform with the ability to invert the current dysfunctional healthcare model to a more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-centered future. We are looking for a talented individual to head up our sales and marketing of this product and who can help get it sold. While almost all of your work can be done remotely, we want a future partner willing and able to travel to seal big deals and/or train contract sales teams.

Our ideal candidate is a self-starter who will be able to allocate time to handle incoming sales leads (from Internet or telemarketing/marketing of some sort) and convert them into buys and who is comfortable with healthcare's "new media" approach to sales and marketing (less in person, more videoconferencing). This person will have to learn enough about the product to be able to explain its benefits to end users: we don't expect this to be difficult to anyone with a modicum of software expertise or with experience in radiology (our product's initial focus). Our candidate needs to be able to find sales contractors or sales firms and be comfortable with managing them effectively. We want a leader who can help brainstorm new avenues for revenue generation. He or she must be be able to seek and develop alliances in the healthcare marketplace. You don't have to know everything about healthcare, but you need to possess a healthy drive and desire to become an expert.

We want a candidate who is hungry and who will work hard for his/her equity stake and is not motivated by salary at the outset. Our base product boasts a 900% gross profit and has customers already, so cashflow and profitability is assured if sales are handled competently. For this reason, we are NOT looking for VC money. We look at our business as a cake that's already baked and frosted: we just need someone to put in the candles and light 'em up. We have great plans for this and other products over the next 2 years, specifically to coincide with the 2014 full implementation of the ACA. A lot of care, research, and time has already gone into this endeavor, so you will not be put into an unknown situation.

We want a driven individual who is competent, affable, and available. We will be the same to you. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, please reach out right away. We will provide more details to well-qualified applicants. Thanks for your interest.


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