Rafael Marcus

New York, New York, US

Rafael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rafael

I have a vision for clothing line (affordable luxury) and am looking for a clothing designer to join me. I have a vision for a brand for a niche market that is not being addressed, with a long term vision of getting very big. I can run all aspects of the business side, but do not have any design experience or skills.

I have a lot of experience in operations and management in a variety of industries and have already built and brought a startup to market from scratch. What I bring to the table is the following:

*all things business (financials, pitching, BD, partnerships, etc.)
*excellent pitching and communication skills
*strong network in the startup community (including angels & VC)
*excellent at networking/BD
*highly creative and love solving problems, iterating, and learning from users/customers
*sourcing all things tech (website, video, design, etc.)

If you want to chat just contact me through the messenger or hit me at rafael.marcus1(at)gmail