RAFAEL Salas Vazquez

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

RAFAEL's Skills
Business Development
Product Management


I have created an innovative business model that so far doesn't exist anywhere. While there is competition, no one could mix concepts as I have done and that is why you can be sure you'll be part of something completely successful. In addition, we have a several number of tools and contacts that make it ideal this call to launching this company in less than a year.
I looking for people: creative, friendly, smart, open mind, respectful, collaborative, over 21, people who love to do innovative things with a sense of social responsibility, environmental care and empathy with humanity. I’ll need proactive people, self-taught people who knows how take effective decisions under pressure, and likes taking risks, because we all know that if you never take a risk, you do not win. Specialties required: programming, design, business law, and legal specialist in finance, Internet law, specializing in buying and selling securities, finance, and social media. The company don’t exist yet, but there is an idea so revolutionary, innovative and inclusive that requires this team to become real and impact the world. This project will be related to the stock market.