Raffan Mckenzie

Leeds, United Kingdom

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About Raffan

Since graduating from the University of Manchester with a 2:1 in Management in 2014 I have gone on to launch StudentView - The Home Of Student Reviews.

StudentView is an accommodation website with a difference, we provide students with rewards from the likes of Uber and Domino's in return for an anonymous review on their accommodation, the local area and crucial the landlord or management. These reviews then help to paint a reliable picture of what is it actually like to live somewhere, from the quality of the bedroom and bathroom, to the relationship with the landlord. Students have long been exploited and this service will provide some much needed transparency and peace of mind.

I'm incredibly passionate and love challenging the Status Quo to find new and exciting ways to tackle problems. Although StudentView has just been accepted onto the Entrepreneurial Spark Incubator in Leeds I have built everything to date working from home, securing meetings with Marketing Directors, MDs and Head of Parnerships at huge companies.

I have received fantastic feedback from numerous key stakeholder groups (students, accommodation providers, Student Unions) and I'm looking for someone to jump on-board this fast paced ship as an in-house CTO and help take StudentView to the next level with me. The candidate should be proactive and provide regular input to help provide solutions to real problems on a daily basis.

The vision for StudentView is to be the one stop platform to address every issue along your accommodation journey. From finding housemates, searching for a property, sorting bills and communicating with the landlord or management. And who says it has to just be Students?


The University of Manchester, UK

Management/Entrepreneurship, Finance

2015 - 2015