Raghu Gollamudi

Seattle, Washington, US

Raghu's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Raghu

I'm a well seasoned programmer/developer. I'm a fast learner and I'm very creative. Through out my career I have been recognized for my contributions. I have couple of ideas and I can build the app ground up. I need someone who can help me with the business side, like marketing, sales etc.
I founded Revuly, a review as a service application, with the goal to making it easy for consumers to write reviews. I have built the prototype and currently in testing and validating my concept.
I'm open to ideas and at the same time I'm looking for a growth hacker/business developer to come on-board and grow the business.
Prior to Revuly, I was the CTO at Shippable and a Dev manager at Microsoft.


University of Pune

Electronics & Computer Technology

1994 - 1994