rahim baines

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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My name is Rahim Baines I currently live in Williamsport P.A but I am able to relocate to a place where me and my partner could work on my website design for music world takeover every day until we are finished I started writing the website about 2 years ago with no programming knowledge. But since that time I have learn a lot about programming and mostly basic skills. But what I really focus on while I learn are things that will let me program my website like finding out what language will be the most efficient for my website design. I’m working day in and day out because I think my design is very interesting. My design is like no other design in many of ways from the first page to the last page. my main page design that will host a number of pages in a single page application format if applicable came from a lot of designs that I thought would be very interesting in the online world at first it was something very futuristic but very impossible unless I was backed by Google. So it took me a few months to get back to the design and after I came back to the design i came up with a first stage page that will lead to my futuristic designed page so working on this i fell in love with this new concept so much that i had to revise my main page to fit the characteristic of my first stage page. after i connected the 2 pages i set off my website once again to birth my child and take care of her for her first 2 months and then i got back into my design by designing 2 poster boards of the look and style i was going for in the website and it came out perfect then i did more revising and my website went from a 1 genre website that was rap into an all genre website because of having a great design and the financial potential would be greater. At first when i made the change i did not ever think that i would come up with a design that will be one of the best interactive website navigation system designed in a while and there,s more after my first stage page design was in concept stage i really looked at it in a way that this may be impossible but now the way i set everything in position to be calculated properly i am 100% shore that every aspect of my website can be created and if something fails or cant be the way i want it to be I believe that we can come up with a better effective concept for that part of the website and now have to make a big change in the site. All and all I love this website at the stage it is right now knowing that someday the world will have a CHANCETOSEEWHATISEE