Rahul Nihalani

San Francisco, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Rahul

Here is why you should work with me:
1) I was the second business-side hire at TechCrunch prior to the acquisition by AOL when revenue was $4m annually. After joining, I scaled up revenue in one year (with the help of my boss) to $10M. I personally contributed $3.7M in revenue in my first year at TechCrunch. We were then acquired by AOL, where I was the Director of Sales for AOL Technology.

2) I came up with the idea for CrunchU and closed a multi-million dollar revenue share deal with Udemy to provide educational content for TechCrunch readers through Udemy's platform. (http://techcrunch.com/crunchu-course-listing/)

3) Even though I'm on the business side, I'm very passionate about good design and building products that provide amazing UX. At UCLA, I took a computing specialization and have taken a 10-week intensive Front End Web Development Course through General Assembly.

4) I worked at a Sequoia backed high-growth startup called Sourcebits as their Director of Product and Strategy and helped them accelerate their growth, launch their products, and close deals.

5) Lastly, I've started a company myself for which I raised $1M in 2009 and even though it ultimately failed, it instilled an undying love for startups and a drive to push the envelope further on any product that I work on in the future.

Here is a summary of my professional life:
Until recently, I was the Director of Product and Strategy at Sourcebits, a Sequoia backed company, where I launched Twine, the world's first personality driven dating app and focused on growth strategy for Sourcebits as a whole.
I am an entrepreneur at my core and am inspired by innovation. I believe in the 'pay it forward' mentality and love helping fellow entrepreneurs. Having founded, Manovega, a funded hardware and software startup in the mobile broadband space, I understand what it takes to bring a startup from idea to market. After Manovega, my passion for consumer web and mobile led me to the center of the Silicon Valley - TechCrunch, where I joined as the second hire on the business-side. My team helped grow revenue 400%, ultimately leading to TechCrunch's $60M acquisition by AOL. There, I was promoted to Director of Sales and Business Development for TechCrunch and AOL Tech. In my space time, I also serve as an advisor to SeedStartup, an international early-stage incubator.



Business Economics

2009 - 2009


General Assembly Front End Web Developement