Raina McLeod

Miami, Florida, US

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About Raina

I'm a writer and artist looking for a partner who can push the business side of my operation forward. Ooh, "operation" - so ominous, so Mafia, so nah. A longer description of what I actually mean - a mass of content (books, essays, digital artwork, apps, video, music) which, in the right hands, can induce the birth of Bobbi Dahl, a literary and lifestyle hero for the modern girl. She's pretty, witty, naughty, girly, and worldly. And very single. Think Rihanna x Mae West x Audrey Hepburn x Ginger from Casino. This media platform is about living the Bad B*tch's best single life. We know so much about the wonderful lives of today's Internet dream girls, but so few of them Instagram their tears. You see the clothes, the trips, the expensive hair, and the perfect selfies, but we don't know what happens the morning after. Or how it feels when she sees Him on Her feed with another girl. Or how she feels when yet another "fan" insults her online. And how she cries in that big, beautiful apartment when she's home alone. I will tell those stories.

Products that are done:
Books, women's fiction/chick-lit/cookbook (2 done, three works in progress)
A line of cheeky greeting cards (36 in the collection)
Art prints/posters (currently 14)
Songs written and produced (approx. 30)
E-Commerce website (and product specs)

Single girl home decor line
A suite of convenience apps

I have held top editing positions with Village Voice Media and NBC Universal, and am currently running a boutique publishing company that specializes in women's literature. For the past five years I've been working on and developing this Bobbi Dahl project exclusively, creating an early buzz through her presence on the underground indie music scene. Bobbi has fans around the world, works with major producers and artists, gets great reviews from music heads and journalists, and just last month was hired to write and perform a track for a French film. So, she's already alive and ready for a bigger push. Which is why I'm on this site, searching for a partner who can help to take Bobbi Dahl to the next level.

Let's chat.

Thanks for your time.


Florida A&M University

Journalism and Sciences of communication

2005 - 2005