Rajeev Bector

Austin, Texas, US

Founder & CEO at OK Roger
Rajeev's Skills
Product Management

About Rajeev

I am a Computer Scientist & Linux-Kernel hacker from a few lives ago :), who has moved up the Tech Stack and spanned across the domains of Distributed Systems, Security, OS, Advertising & Personalization/Recommender systems, Cloud Storage & Search.

Built, Deployed and Operated Massively Scalable Web-Scale Cloud Infrastructure as Engineering Director @Yahoo. Recruited Best of the Best Teams in the US and UK. Been part of several successful and high-profile SV startups.

Likes to build Teams and Solve Hard Problems - no matter the Problem Domain.

Work Experience

CTO (& Interim head of Product Management)

Weve (acquired by Telefonica)

December 2014 - July 2015