Rajiv Prabhakar

New York, New York, US

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Product Management

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About Rajiv

Hi there. I've always wanted to do a startup ever since my Stanford days, and now, I'd like to make that dream a reality.

I believe strongly that the best founding team is one that gets along well, trusts each other, and brings to the table a diverse set of skills and backgrounds.

My skills are primarily tech/engineering oriented: I have 7 years of engineering/software experience at both big companies like Intel/Oracle, and small 50 person startups. I have also built my own startup WebApp from the ground up, as the sole-founder, so I'm confident that I have what it takes to build robust, scalable software systems.

In terms of secondary skills: I have quite a bit of experience in managing people and project management. This is something I was often asked to do at my previous jobs, and also something I had to do when building my own WebApp. I'm very organized, good at figuring out schedules and pending tasks, and working with others in order to ensure forward progress.

What I'm primarily looking for: Someone with strong skills in marketing, sales, PR and business-development in general. Someone who feels comfortable picking up the phone, cold calling potential clients/users, and making something happen. Someone who knows how to build traction and buzz around a newly built product that no one has heard of. Someone who has interesting ideas on what needs to be built, validating product-market fit, and building up the business.

In terms of specific projects: I have a project that I just launched 2 weeks ago: www.TheCaucus.net. It's a social discussion platform, similar to Reddit, but utilizing state-of-the-art techniques in order prune fluff content and highlight valuable content. If you're someone who likes the concept of Reddit, but hates the quality of discussion that actually takes place, you will love this site. Specifically, I'm looking to bring on a Marketing co-founder who's enthusiastic about the concept behind the site, and able to effectively build user traction.

If you have a different startup idea/project of your own, that you want to collaborate on, I would be open to exploring that as well. I'm always amazed by all the ways in which Software can disrupt existing industries, and am open to bringing my software and project-management skillsets to work on technology-oriented startups targeting any industry that's ripe for it.

Above all, I believe that the key to startup success is great founders. If you think we'll make for a great team, drop me a message, and we can chat further about what direction to go in.



M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering

2008 - 2008

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Computer Science and Computer Engineering

2007 - 2007