Raju Balakrishnan

Santa Clara, California, US

Raju's Skills
Product Management

About Raju

-14+ years of experience in engineering, research, and local commerce.
-PhD specializing in search and ranking in products and ads, with grants supported by top tech companies like Google and Yahoo.
-Experience in data science, recommendations, and targeting.

I am looking for a co-founder to help with mantele.com with skill in engineering or ux/ui design. The company brings the latest omni-channel and search technology to local retail. The product is in pre-beta and we are considering funding for faster growth. I have strong skills and experience in product search, engineering, electronic commerce, and big data. Looking for a great technical or business person with complimentary skills to be my co-founder. Passion, integrity and ability to get things done is the most important attributes I would like to see in my co-founder.



PhD in Computer Science

2006 - 2012