Rakesh Kumar

Chicago, Illinois, US

Rakesh's Skills
Product Management

About Rakesh

We at marektEnomics.com ( Digital & Social Media Management, Publishing & Analytics Platform) are moving to 2.0 version.
For 2.0 version, we have started creating functional document and looking for an architect level person to work with developers (based in India currently and looking to add one more in Chicago). The person must be hands on, provide guidance and mentorship to junior developers as and when required.
Prior experience in social media development involving API calls with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels would be beneficial ( but not necessary).
Am looking for the person to understand that we are start up, can provide sweat equity and later on depending upon situation, we might provide contribution based compensation as well.
For any questions, do not hesitate to send DM @marketEnomics ( Please follow and then I will follow you back to start the conversation on Twitter)

For other venture IIMnet.com (marketplace for MBAs), I'm looking for a potential co-founder that is an SEO rockstar, WordPress/HTML/CSS, blog post content developer, that can help me build on top what I've already have built.

I have extensive experience advising businesses across many types of industries ranging from small business to multi-billion dollar international companies. I am skilled in sales, negotiation, risk management, and B2B consulting. I also volunteer at a charity and enjoy giving back to the community.
Send me a short email along with your bio and your past experience/projects at founder@iimnet.com if you are interested in joining me on either of initiatives.