Ram Dutt

Seattle, Washington, US

Ram's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Ram

Looking for dynamic business development individual who can break barriers. Prior experience in publishing (digital publisher, media, magazine, newspaper etc.) highly recommended. A true hustler. Great opportunity in the growing eCommerce and Native commerce space. Established customers and large network of merchants on the platform.

Opportunity is upon us to capture. There are over 5,000 publishers in US alone. They are looking for new forms of digital revenue beyond banner ADs. They are also looking to engage with their audience/readers and keep them active on their site longer. Publishers are also struggling to add value to their advertisers. Our native commerce platform gives publisher the needed digital asset to engage with their readers, keep their readers on their site longer and add value to their advertisers.

Our Native commerce platform is truly a turnkey solution that can be launched in days. There are up to 5 NEW revenue streams that can be activated for the publisher. The solution is feature rich and ready for prime time. This is a scalable solution that can grow to support all the markets in the world.