Hyderabad, India

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I'm an employee in hyderabad.At my graduation level I'd a thought of starting a business but after graduation I got a job ,later got married and now I've no much time to start something and even I can't dare to invest more money as I've a family.I've a land of 3(Three) acres at about 30 kms from city with water facility.I want a like minded person with some investment so that we could start something over there like a farm or whatever it may be.Explain me any idea or plan if you have,if I like that,surely we can go ahead.Money is not the matter even it can be arranged by bank loans,but proper plan is needed as I've no experience in any other field except in my own job.So,if you like my offer,you please contact me and after come to me with a proper plan which can be executed with out any fail.I don't want directly 1 lakh or 2 lakhs per month as profit.Let's grow slowly and securely with small profits initially and then we plan to increase it as much as we can.Hope you understand my seriousness....