Raman Chakraborty

Raipur, India

Raman's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Raman

Well, I am willing to create a messenger and its going to be called UZER. UZER’s main purpose is to provide users an interactive, user friendly environment which will be anti ad, private and to empower connectivity. UZER will offer an effective interface which will be highly optimized for slow connections so that the user can have complete advantage of the user interface. It will offer free App to App voice and video calling but talking about 2G connections, the users won’t be able to avail video calling as the bandwidth won’t support it but user will have a solution to this as it will try to bring something
between live and passive, but better then what SnapChat has to offer.
I guess by reading this you can guess how AWESOME it would be, so I am looking for co founder who would help me develop it!