Rammohan Raja

New York, New York, US

Software, hardware and a little marketing.
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About Rammohan

I am looking to join a startup as a technical co-founder.

I am a very reasonable technologist who can pretty much do it all. Write software for an iOS app, build the cloud based backend to support the app and also create the infrastructure for app notifications. I can also create web based frontends. I can assemble servers and also be the system cum network administrator.

I can build Internet of Things (IoT) devices and do physical computing (build robots).

Demo videos of the apps I wrote:

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rammohan-raja-45192a4

I am looking to partner with highly motivated individuals who have an idea for a startup and are based in New York City or New Jersey.

Another very important requirement. You need to have written proof (emails or forum posts) from at least ten random strangers who think they will find the product or service useful. These initial customers “cannot” be family, friends, current or ex-colleagues.


Always keep an open mind and never stop listening and learning. - Myself

Work Experience


Hotel Finder App

January 2017 - Today

One man show. Came up with the idea for the app. Built the frontend, backend and all. Wrote articles to market the app. And even wrote the commentary for the demo video. Demo video is located here: https://youtu.be/aYewzvVRyO8


Khel App

January 2015 - Today

The idea was to create a social gaming platform to allow users to create simple games for their friends. To make vacation photos and video clips more interesting and fun to view. I came up with the idea for the app and built it from scratch. It was a big app and had a big backend. Also did notifications for this app. Tried Twitter and Facebook ads for marketting. Demo video is located here: https://youtu.be/_5rSfKXRwtg

Hands On Architect, Software Developer, Tester, ....

Corporate World

May 2001 - Today

I am a professional software engineer since 2001. Frontend, backend, high performance financial computing, mobile, etc. Pretty much done it all.


Vellore Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering

1997 - 2001