Ramona Harper

Houston, Texas, US

Ramona's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ramona

I am a visionary and have a proven track record for overachievement in the following areas. Recruiting and training management and staff, coaching leaders, motivational sales training, employee retention, can quickly identify challenges and create innovative plans for overachievement of revenue, streamline procedures, devise training manuals, create multi million dollar budgets, cash flow projections, business plans, innovation marketing strategies. I have a retail shop (8 years) specializing in local art and handcrafted jewelry gifts and furniture. I recently launched The Success Desk a business and career coaching business and need a cofounder for either business to get to the next level . I'm an outgoing high energy individual drawn to going above and beyond to help people and ensure their success. I am indefatigable when it comes to focus and input into a project and will work around the clock to ensure all required data and info are in place to move forward. .