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I consider myself both a business developer and web developer because over the past 1.5 years, I've built my own website ideas to life and cashed in for my next project.

I work with PHP, MySQL, CSS, Flash at a intermediate level and LAMP for hosting. For this partnership to work, I have a large emphasis on communication, planning, and commitment (all 3, I can easily find someone lacking in one but I am here to avoid that at all costs). Im looking for someone with similar skills as me so that we can work concurrently on the same things. Ideally if you have a way with words to produce content while still possesing mild programming skills, that would be even better.

With that said, I prefer more autonomous, online business models with little overhead but obviously do not mind some mild manual work. This is the area of business I am most comfortable in because its where most of my skill and experience lies. Although I do not mind going into new territory, it carries a learning curve with it which isn't where my resources are best spent.


Ryerson University

Accounting & Finance

2014 - 2014