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Just to tell you a bit about myself, I'm a person who's in love with social media, mobile apps, entrepreneurship, public speaking. I am looking for a really ambituous and devoted person to work on this project with me.

I'm interested in finding a creative, talented & ambitious full time technical cofounder and lead developer to help me build the web and mobile platforms that bridges the gap between social media sellers (Instagram) and their clients. We've got no funding yet but can manage to get some once we start having some traction and revenue. I'll be sharing a portion of the company-to-be's shares but no salaries in the beginning.

The team and I are working on a functional MVP. We're targeting New York but operating out of various locations around the world. If and when we get our seed funding, we might relocate our operations to New York or San Francisco, depending on the opportunities. Currently, there's me working full time (Biz Developer and everything else), a web designer and a blog author both working part time.
My email is rana[at]stylerail[dot]com. Please get in touch with me if you think you could be a good fit.


My role as a founder & CEO will be to get us into the likes of a renowned incubator and to get us seed funding, raise money afterwards and position selling and marketing our product. Furthermore, I'll be networking and getting business advice from mentors, attending conferences and speaking about our startup in front of various audiences. I'll be trying to get us into as many magazines, blogs, radio and tv shows as possible. I'll be setting the general vision of the company along with the co-founder and handling some of the legal work. I'll be hiring and firing, overseeing everyone's work and working on collaborations and on our marketing material.

The technical co-founder's role will be mainly to build and continuously improve the site and the iOS and Android mobile apps, to oversee the technical team and manage them effectively, to research new technology advances and innovations, to work on security and finally to help me set the mission, vision and goals for the company and assist me in any other missing roles. From time to time, both founders will have to be present at events and for some interviews and meetings. The role of the technical co-founder should also be to handle customer technical complaints and do the hiring/firing for the technical team. The co-founder should agree to use a mutually beneficial platform for collaborating changes, updates and general goals for the company with me. Communication may happen online at the early stages but should be very close and continuous with me.

About Me

I'm an aspiring American - Lebanese female technology entrepreneur, a freelance international speaker & a social media expert. I co-founded and killed a technology company in the United Arab Emirates (Cary). I'm currently working on Stylerail: a platform that bridges the gap between online sellers & their clients through an integrated social media platform. I've raised a $100,000 via crowd-funding (for Cary International Limited on Eureeca.com). I worked in several hyper-growth startups and have met with renownked incubators such as 500 Startups and am somewhat connected in the startup ecosystem worldwide.

I'm a feminist, an advocate of continuous learning & a believer in the power of technology to empower women in non-developed countries. I find joy in helping and mentoring other aspiring entrepreneurs as well as contributing to educational workshops and participating in public-facing opportunities.


Raising money, crowd-funding, speaking english, french, arabic and modest italian, positioning and selling, marketing, NETWORKING, social media, public speaking, managing, being very tech-savvy, growth hacking, online communication, pitching & presenting, business development, creating a persona and a giving a face to the brand.


I am a quadlingual radical innovation alumni of the [[Massachusetts Institute of Technology]] & I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the [[American University of Beirut]].
I had attended - and graduated from - the renowned french school [http://www.cpf.edu.lb/ Collège Prottestant Français].

Early Life

I was born in 1990 in Orange County, California in the US. I moved to [[Beirut, Lebanon]] a few years after birth where I resided with my family for almost 20 years before moving to Dubai.


I worked in several hyper-growth startups around the ME including Groupon; one of the world's fasting growing companies. By 23, I had co-founded Cary International Limited: a tech company established in the British Virgin Islands & headquartered in Dubai that builds & markets motor-related mobile apps, some of which are Cary Motors [www.carymotors.com]; the world's first social mobile application created for motors & Cary Pool [www.carypool.com]; the Middle East's first ride-sharing mobile application.

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My hobbies incude reading memoirs, listening to audiobooks about feminism, technology, life-hacking & entreneurship, writing my own memoir, playing the piano, playing chess, blogging, yoga, traveling and skiing. In my free time, I also enjoy testing various innovative and efficiency-inducing platforms and creating neat life-organizing spreadsheets.

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FB / IG / Snapchat: @RanaTarakji
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American University of Beirut

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2011 - 2011


MIT Innovation Alumni



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