Randal Ebbs

Hayward, California, US

Randal's Skills
Product Management

About Randal

I have developed a solar charged, battery powered dimmable LED lighting system designed to fit within the upper canopy of 99% of all market umbrellas currently in use. The product is designated as 1 of 4 unique zones, all of which are controlled globally via remote, and is designed to provide up lighting, down lighting, and out lighting utilizing waterproof LED spotlights. The final prototype version is complete. This product has twice been selected in first round competition for ArchGrants.

I attended the National Restaurant Association (NRA) International show which took place May 17-20, 2014 in Chicago. The result: Several international manufacturers and marketing promotions companies are interested in acquiring the product line. I am planning to attend the Texas Restaurant Association show June 22-23 to place the product firmly in the sights of major restaurant chains who will enjoy enhanced revenues from this product.

I am seeking someone very knowledgeable to manage all aspects of social media and website development, from pre-product launch forward. I simply do not have the time to manage this while driving sales, marketing and production. A basic foundation has been created, but will require more expertise than I have.