Randall Whiting

San Jose, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Randall

We started Vizigy Interactive a couple of years ago as a streaming video platform with a longer term vision to revolutionize the video experience through interactivity, transforming a passive viewing experience to a more active and engaged activity on any video delivered over the Internet.

Our founding team is 3 people, all of whom have done multiple start ups. We've funded the company internally so far. Personally, I was director of eCommerce at HP, CEO at CommerceNet, and have been involved in numerous other startups as founder, investor, advisor or CEO. I'm also managing partner in Brownstone Ventures, an early stage advisory firm.

We're focused on creating services that enhance the value and utility of video with clickable areas or elements that: change based on time giving access to more or different information, initiate actions across networks, enable users to social annotate as well as change the direction of the video, remember the history of interactions and allow users to interact socially all within the context of video and that delivers interactivity as a collection of web services across the Internet based on a comprehensive video content management platform without having to write custom HTML5 code and supports multiple devices from PCs to mobile to the home TV.

We've built a cloud-based video content management, delivery and monetization
platform that has paying customers. Our first production version is about 90% complete and will serve as our initial platform for developing and delivering interactive features
and products.

We're looking to add a key member for our ownership/management team that can contribute / help lead development of our interactive video platform.

The person we're looking for will be part of our executive team helping develop of our vision, strategies and product plans as well as working hands on with our CTO in design and development of our platform products.

We want someone who has been in a start-up before and knows the challenges and risks. Extensive experience with web application development, HTML5, databases, and PHP as well as experience with video and understanding of web services is critical. General experience with Drupal or other web content management environment
highly desirable.


University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Investment management

1978 - 1978