Randar Puust

Toronto, Canada

Technical co-founder looking for a great idea to build
Randar's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Randar

Shipping software and getting teams to work at peak efficiency are my passions. Most of my career has been in building SaaS software products for vertical markets, usually in early stages from the ground up. I’ve built products, managed teams, consulted, product management and even a bit of tech sales.

I’m looking for an entrepreneur with a great idea they want to take to market. I’ve been in software a long time, in a number of roles, but never a true founder. For the past few years, I left stability and joined a few startups, but now I’m looking to help start one. I’ve learnt a lot of what works and doesn’t work when launching a company. So I’m hoping to find a business focused founder, with a great idea, looking for a technical co-founder who can execute.

I probably can’t commit to something full time right away, but I can help explore a problem space from a technical point of view, prototype or work part time. But my goal is to commit to something fully when the time is right. But if we can get to that stage, I can build the product, hire/manage the technical staff and just about anything required to build a platform for the future.

You can find my CV here http://randar.puust.com/.


Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers - Eric S. Raymond


University of Waterloo

Computer Science

1999 - 1999