Los Angeles, California, US

Randy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Randy

I am a "serial entrepreneur" who has built 3 successful businesses, typically service-based, in the past 15 years.

I possess strong analytic, strategic and technical skills. I'm well versed with online marketing, outreach, website and social media strategy and analysis, video production/editing, website & eCommerce site development and more. Additionally, in my former life I worked for local government and the private sector within the criminal justice arena.

I am primarily looking to work with creative, liberal minded, free thinkers who would like to do more than focus on bottom line (of course there has to be focus, but I believe it should be more). Areas within NPO's are mostly appealing however I would consider other areas. For profit projects I would prefer to be built on a co-op ownership model.

I am open to jump in to an existing project or lets put our minds together and change the world!