Randy Carlton

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Randy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Randy

Imagine a world where your work could change change the course of the economy and in the process impact the wellbeing of billions of people. At the Commonwealth Market, we seek to measure and maximize wellbeing. To make this happen, we take a multifaceted approach to addressing systemic issues. We will soon be bringing several years of research to market, and that's where your strength will come in. For those curious, there's a limited amount of information published on our preliminary research, which can be found in the Harvard Business Review and a book, Charity Case by Dan Pallotta. However if you are truly interested in doing something bigger than anyone of us, please reach out, and I can give you the big picture then we can dive into the operational details of how everything comes together.

We are actively seeking founding team members to join us to make a better world for ourselves and our posterity with knowledge to complement ours:
1. Nonprofit/governmental accounting & compliance. Ideally, experience with sponsoring organizations of donor advised funds.
2. Fundraising. More specifically, what nonprofits call development.
3. Investment management. Ideally, some experience or exposure to endowment management.
4. Technical chops with big data

Please do not hesitate to message me to find out more.