Rangnamei Roger

Delhi, India

Idea is 1%, execution is 99%. Enterpreneurship is about being opportunistic at the right time
Rangnamei's Skills
Product Management

About Rangnamei

After numerous fails in the past, started a new venture in Media and digital television business. We are a team of 32, located in Manipur, India. We work 24x7 collecting news, editing videos, always active on social medias and we are the first and only company that gives news in more than 10 languages here.

Interested in human who wants to be part of our business as investors.
Looking for like minded and opportunistic businessman/woman, individual or institutions who can fund our startup to help us scale our business to the next level and make profits together.

Will give you three businesses to invest in and grow with us together. Feel free to message me anytime. I'll be happy to discuss more in details with you.

[2015 - 2018]
Looking for a partner/co-founder/mentor who can finance some of my product prototypes. I'm a passionate programmer/developer. I've a failed startup due to financial issues. I like to brainstorm and work on new product ideas, build prototype, stay up late at night, discuss ideas with my co-founders/partners/investors. Are you an investor / co-founder / mentor looking for product ideas / have ideas of an innovate product ? Contact me, lets talk!