Ranjith D'Cruz

Business Development, Public Relations, User Experience

Chennai, India


Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Ranjith D'Cruz

Myself Jerome Roach Ranjith, I'm a Founder of Channce.org . I'm a Dropout, Failure, not Talented , I've nothing. I face lot of Struggle and Problem. but i never Quit. i try harder to get knowledge , i make myself smarter to win. I've develop skills for my own and from Open Source and Training. i wanna do something but i don't know what? to Do. then i find a real Problem. actually every one face that problem in their student life. i do lots of research and take so many surveys. then i analysis the data. finally i came up with an idea about help and give support application for student.


Smile on your face always no matter what - me


Founder and Application Designer @channce.org