Raphael Rodriguez

Houston, Texas, US

Raphael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Raphael

I have a major passion for creating solutions to inefficiencies. My mind is constantly analyzing products and process for opportunities to innovate. It doesn't matter what the subject might be, social networking, nanotechnology, instant messaging, nuclear engineering, video games, environmental sustainability, streaming video, Music, biotechnology, I am ALWAYS analyzing how I can make processes in those disciplines more efficient. Needless to say I am never out of ideas for viable start-up concepts and inventions

We all have our own ideas that we believe is going to be the next big thing, but it’s all useless without a proper dedicated team to make that idea a socially useful and financially successful endeavor. I am here looking to gather a startup team of talented and ambitious individuals who are serious in actually working hard together to make something realistic happen.

I believe that the best method/course of action for such a team to succeed is to focus on a technical and financially feasible concept, in a market where there are little barriers to entry. Something that has little startup costs, and development time. That said, I feel that our best bet is to develop creative solutions to social themes through mobile and web apps. It is generally less expensive and technically challenging to develop these kinds of solutions. (Scaling and maintaining the product though growth is another story!). Take the following products for example: Snapchat, Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, Flappy bird, Twitter. When these products were first released they leveraged creative design more than anything to solve the inefficiency they were addressing.

I am also completely open to building a startup in other markets such as: physical inventions, services, emerging technologies. Given that the idea/product is innovative and creative. Just let me know. But that’s why I am emphasizing the importance of creating a solid team. This way we can all combine our knowledge, talents, ideas, personalities, skills, and passions to achieve something great. By working in such a team we will have the foundation of a creative and successful company.



My Skills:
Product Design
Graphic Design
User Interface Design
Preliminary technical feasibility testing
Project Management
Funding Acquisition
Market Research
Marketing and Business Development
Human Resources
Q/A Testing
Customer Service