Raphael Titsworth-Morin

Vancouver, Canada

Designer. Developer. Photographer. Artist. Digital Creative.
Raphael's Skills
Product Management

About Raphael

My background is at the intersection of art and technology. I love building strong, aesthetic experiences that focus on human-centred issues.

I have an MFA in Emergent media and a BFA in Computation Arts, and think there is a lot of value to be found the in the creative discipline the emerges from artistic environments.

I have done a lot of freelancing and consulting and have helped startups, artists, and small businesses accomplish their goals in the tech/digital media space.

I co-founded Addo (Addo Health) as the CTO, which was a hugely valuable experience. I learned so much about the startup environment. My time with Addo also helped to vastly expand my knowledge about tech and development.

I'm also incredibly curious about the future of "The Media". I want to see it evolve and flourish, and I'm curious to see (and influence) the direction in which it will go. I listen to podcasts about the media space on a regular basis and am constantly thinking about new ways for people to consume and engage with content.

Work Experience

Cofounder and CTO

Addo Health

December 2014 - February 2016