Raphy Livneh

Herzliya, Israel

Raphy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Raphy

I have an idea for a mobile app in the field of consumer goods that will be crowdsourcing based.
The core team I'm founding should consist of four persons/roles-
CEO to put together a business plan, raise money and do the day to day management and bizdev [could be me]
Product Manager to characterize and plan the product and manage its roadmap [definitely me]
Marketing and Sales Manager to attract customers of all sorts using mostly Internet Marketing techniques such as viral spreading, SEO, facebook campaigns etc. [co-founder]
R&D Manager to plan architecture choose dev tools and manage an outsourced development team [co-founder]

I can take on Product Management and CEO roles but I need experienced co-founders for the rest of the roles.
I'm of a diverse technological background but spent more than a decade in managerial positions so it's hardly up to date. I therefore need a developer or rather a team leader to manage all technological aspects as well as an outsourced R&D team. The basic core application is rather simple.

I've written a couple of business plans and done a lot of project plans. Marketing and Sales are not my expertise. My guess is that these would compose the main expense so I'd rather have an expert co-founder on-board.

Personal Traits: I'm highly perceptive, creative yet systematic and very persistent. I do all my thinking in writing - documents, mind-maps, charts, drawings and lists. I a keen follower of the KISS principle - simplicity, simplicity, simplicity [I believe that any fool can complicate things but only a wise man can simplify things].

Habits & Hobbies: I do a lot of tracking and hiking both in Israel and abroad, I wind-surf and dive. I like movies and I often laugh about with friends in a pub or restaurant. I hardly listen to the news or watch TV. I appreciate laughter as a key personal trait so I connect only with people that can laugh ...

Oh, almost forgot - I'm a Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology. Did I mention I'm a Gemini ?!

drop me a message - it's going to be fun