Raquel Wilson

Dakar, Senegal

Founder @ Jetted. Connecting businesses to consumers on the African continent. #peoplebroker
Raquel's Skills
Graphic Design
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Raquel

I am a People Broker that helps extraordinary thinkers and innovators build sustainable brands, and connects businesses to consumers and opportunities on the African continent. A serial entrepreneur, I am founder of Jetted, an air travel booking platform for frequent intra-Africa flyers, and MVMT/MKRS, a brand development consultancy, and co-founder of Senegal’s first farmers market. A proponent of healthy, natural food for all, and clean, non-toxic beauty, I mentor emerging technology entrepreneurs, and advise SMEs in preparing for growth.


If you want to build remarkably awesome things, then partner with people who feel like their whole life has prepared them for the opportunity at hand. If someone says something like, “My whole life has led me to this point,” then you should really consider hiring them, collaborating with them, or making out with them. - Danielle LaPorte