Ravi Dubey

Houston, Texas, US

Ravi's Skills
Product Management

About Ravi

15 years of experience mainly in software development. Started as software engineer, team lead, technical lead and software architect.

About a year ago started working on developing a platform to enable people to share rental moving truck , car , cab e.t.c. Launched it a year ago (www.movingmadesmart.com). The site had some visitors this summer because people mainly move in summer. I also developed another site www.pickupgrocery.com , did some advertisement but not many people were interested . So, have not been working on that business recently. I am looking to team up with a people who are are passionate about what they are doing, can dedicate 20 hours a week and would not leave in between. I am not mentioning any skills here because I believe that in today fast pace world when technology is changing so fast, it is more important to have a strong determination to achieve your goal and love for what you are doing rather than current skill sets you possess. Skill sets can be acquired if you have passion about what you do.