Ravi Krishnamurthy

Bengaluru, India

Advertising / Brand / Design Thinking / Marketing Communications / Creative / Beyond Box Thinking/
Ravi's Skills
Packaging Graphics
Online Writing
Online Video Production
Online User Experience
Online Reputation Management
Online Retail
Online Product Launches
Online Publications
Online Printing
Online Marketing
Online Identity
Online Creative
Online Business
Online Catalogs
Online Copy
Online Contests
Online Content Creation
Online Content
Online Community Management
Online Communications
Online Campaign Management
Development of strategic marketing plans
Taking New Products to Market
Suche und Display-Marketing
Face-to-face Marketing
Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing
Development & implementation of marketing plans
Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Multi-channel Marketing
Mass Email Marketing
Event Based Marketing
Cost Effective Marketing
Branding & Identity Marketing
Web Marketing Strategy
Visual Marketing
Retail Marketing
Rural Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Hospital Marketing
Home Marketing
Healthcare Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
Gorilla Marketing
Event Marketing
Digital Marketing
Cooperative Marketing
B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Marketing en social media
Marketing Communications
Marketing Communications Planning
Identity Guidelines
Go-to-market Strategy
Facebook Marketing
Email Management
Email Marketing
Email Design
Educational Video
E-mail Management
E-commerce Consulting
E-business Consulting
E Commerce
Content Delivery
Web Application Design
Web Interface Design
Visual Identity Design
Vehicle Wrap Design
Training Programme Design
User Experience Design
Rich Media Design
Promotional Material Design
Print Publication Design
Print Collateral Design
Mobile Interaction Design
Mobile Interface Design
Human Interface Design
Front-end Design
Email Newsletter Design
E-newsletter Design
Creative Concept Design
Collateral Material Design
Business Strategy Design
Bespoke Website Design
Annual Report Design
UX Design
Web Design
Web Design Business
Service Design
Retail Design
Promotion Design
Print Design
Packaging Design
Newsletter Design
Literature Design
Graphic Design
Exhibit Design
Entertainment Design
Commercial Design
Communication Design
Campaign Design
Catalog Design
Art Design
Banner Design
Banner Designing
Ad Designing
Design Thinking
Competitive Landscape Analysis
Competitive Strategies
Company Picnics
Company Research
Company Presentations
Company Naming
Company Newsletters
Company Brochures
Corporate Website Management
Corporate Websites
Corporate Videos
Corporate Tie-ups
Corporate Training Programs
Corporate Strategy Formulation
Corporate Social Media
Corporate Security
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Sponsorships
Corporate Sales Presentations
Corporate Partnerships
Corporate Partnership Development
Corporate Health
Corporate Image
Corporate Image Management
Corporate Identity
Corporate Gifting
Corporate Design
Corporate Consulting
Corporate Communications
Corporate Collateral Design
Corporate Campaigns
Talent Brand
Image Branding
International Branding
Global Branding
Global Brand Development
Channel Branding
Company Branding
Branding Consultancy
Branding Experience
Branded Content
Branded Entertainment
Brand Health Tracking
Brand Messaging
Brand Ambassadorship
Brand Consistency
Brand Architecture
Brand Partnerships
Brand Language
Brand Leverage
Brand Innovation
Brand Developement
Brand Asset Management
Brand Analysis
Brand Audit
Brand Equity Development
Brand Measurement
Branding & Identity
Brand Performance
Brand Personality
Brand Tracking
Online Branding
Internal Branding
Personal Branding
Online Brand Building
Retail Branding
Social Branding
Strategic Branding
Band Management
Visual Branding
Launching New Brands
Website Branding
Strategic Brand Consulting
Strategic Brand Positioning
Consumer Branding
Digital Branding
Employer Branding
Luxury Brand Marketing
Lifestyle Brands
Integrated Brand Marketing
Increasing Brand Awareness
Event Branding
Employee Branding
Emotional Branding
Corporate Branding
Digital Brand Strategy
Building Brand Awareness
Branding Solutions
Branding Initiatives
Branding Programs
Branding Ideas
Branding Development
Branding Campaigns
Branding & Identity Programs
Branding & Identity Consulting
Brand Strategy
Brand Stewardship
Brand Positioning Strategies
Brand Perception
Brand Marketing
Brand Management
Brand Loyalty
Brand Launches
Brand Identity
Brand Extensions
Brand Equity
Brand Development Strategy
Brand Development
Brand Consulting
Brand Design
Brand Compliance
Brand Awareness Programs
Brand Communication
Below the Line Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Print Advertising
Political Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
Online Advertising
Interactive Advertising
Broadcast Advertising
Advertising Research
Consumer Advertising
Advertising Services
Brand Advertising
Advertising Operations
Advertising Copy
Advertising Consulting
Advertising Collateral
Advertising and Promotion
Open to networking with people holding these skills
Business Development