Ray Hoyt

New York, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Make it clean,
Make it fast,
Make is SPK

This is my story; When I'm in class, I always felt great in the mornings and one day something hit me and I just didn't feel right, my stomach started to trouble me. This feeling doesn't usually happen to me. It was a gurgling in my stomach, like boiling lava in a volcano that was about to blow, and I just knew at that moment I was set up for disaster.

I had never used a public restroom for this situation before in fear of embarrassment. I rushed to the bathroom and it all just came out, I couldn’t control it. I have never felt so embarrassed in my life, looking under the door to make sure no one was there to hear the splashing and smell of complete doom. It was loud and messy, completely out of control to be honest. I wiped myself with the scrappy tissue in the stall, feeling very uncomfortable. This happened to me 6 more times on the same day. I was wondering if someone had slipped me a laxative or my butt was punishing me for the Mexican food I had the night before. I was so unprepared for this disaster; the tissue paper was minimal almost completely gone. When I got home I told my sister about my horrific incident. We hysterical laughed at my horrible misfortune for a while. Somehow the idea of "we should make an Emergency Poop Kit!” popped out. Pinching at the idea for a few hours, we figured it wasn't such a bad thought. The joke became something of an actual problem people constantly face daily, too embarrassed to talk about it because that would be social suicide. This product would grant people with the ability to go number 2 at any event, allowing ultimate freedom from the chains of complete embarrassment. You’re on a date, hanging with your friends, at school, or you’re just bumming around and it strikes. But this time you'll ready. This kit will be pocket sized, and will includes 6 baby wipes, mini cologne/perfume, hand sanitizer, an "out of order" sign, mouth wash, spray to prevent the smell from getting out, sound proof poop system (in development), 1 toilet seat cover and for the woman a micro tampon.
You'll finally be able to release the beast at any given moment.