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I'm forming a startup based on a mobile-first app which revolutionizes how organizers arrange and participants attend events/sports activities. Think of it as a cross between Uber, Meetup and Teamsnap. The innovative model is based on 2 years research in the UK, China/HK, Malaysia and on the ground canvassing in Birmingham, Manchester and London suggests an approval rating of near +95% with pre-build signup commitments totaling 2500 users.

Beyond the usual features such as micropayments, social login, in-app messaging etc. the free app is merely a means to an end and serves as a front for a highly innovative and well researched business model. The app will be monetised from the outset (not the usual adverts/marketplace/up-sell model) and until an MVP/prototype, I'm self-funding with a budget that is gestural for now. Nevertheless, it should cover expenses and allow for approx. 12 months development and I can also accommodate in Birmingham should this be necessary.

About Me: I'm a friendly & chilled 'hardware guy' with +8 years’ experience manufacturing and launching innovative consumer products. The realm of apps is admittedly, new to me but my business acumen and commercial awareness will be complemented by your exceptional design/development skills. I’m seeking to partner with platform specific (iOS and Android) developers to form a team (the UI/UX design may involve a 4th partner). If you build it, they definitely WON’T just come so I'm also looking for commitment, graft and passion as there's a lot of on the ground work necessary to ‘complement the code’ (to give you an idea: I work 18 hour days!).

Ideally, you’ll be UK based and it’s important we gel and get along as a team. The usual share/equity splits are guaranteed and as clichéd as it sounds, I genuinely believe this to be a life changing opportunity.


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