Rebecca Barthel

San Francisco, California, US

Marketing Executive | Growing champions for products, brands and companies

About Rebecca

► Who is it that you want to influence and engage?
► How do you get and keep their attention?
► How do you know when they are ready for a sales conversation?
► When they are ready, what's your game plan?

These are questions that I help companies answer. Sometimes we need to begin with the basics and define (or re-define) the brand, positioning and messaging. Other times, we need to build a lead nurturing and management system, hone the sales process or upgrade sales tools. We'll design and implement a plan for content marketing, advertising and social media marketing. Whatever needs to be done, the end goal is to create champions for their product, service, brand or mission.

There is magic when a business makes an authentic connection with a human being that I find irresistible. When that person is delighted with the connection, be it an employee, prospect, customer, investor or client, the experience is addictive and fun. And, because I'm also a numbers and systems person, I design repeatable and measurable processes that efficiently and effectively make authentic connections.

Work Experience


Vista Group Marketing

October 2002 - December 2016

Vista Group Marketing is a privately-held strategic marketing firm that helps organizations build and grow their businesses by providing services including: Go-to-market strategy, Branding and messaging, Email marketing, Channel marketing, Content marketing, Social media marketing, Marketing automation, CRM setup, customization and management