Rebecca W's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Rebecca W

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has researched and develop this idea for almost 2 years. The idea has been validated and I've assembled a stellar advisory board to help the business grow.

I have the marketing, the sales experience and the charm to develop this idea into a revenue generating machine. I need a Developer/ Super Coder to develop our web-based platform . Website development will also be needed - but if that's not your in your skill set, you'll probably make up for it in other ways. If you like the company culture and you're happy with the success, then you are more than welcome to become my Technical Co-Founder/CTO.

The concept has been proven. We just need a prototype and minimally viable product to show off to our clients. Then the real fun begins. Not only is this your chance to be apart of a great startup, your work and commitment will actually solve a growing problem and improve people’s lives - who doesn't want to be healthier and happier?

Interested?Are you up for the challenge? Contact me asap.