Reece Hart

San Francisco, California, US

collaborative, hands-on bioinformatics leader
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About Reece

The central theme of my career is to apply an extensive background in computing to building practical and reliable tools that improve our understanding of biology. I thrive when working in a team to build well-engineered data architectures and systems that make simple biological data analyses simple and complex ones possible.

At Genentech, I developed Unison, a system that integrated essentially all protein databases and over 70 prediction types to enable complex analysis and hypothesis generation. At Locus Development (later acquired by InVitae), I was the second hire after founders. My focus is building tools that enable InVitae to deliver reliable clinical reports based on genomic sequencing and diagnostics.

I am an ego-free team player. I enjoy managing and mentoring. I listen well and I can drive teams to decisions when needed (and give lots of room when they're not). I am pragmatic. I have a knack for distinguishing real technological opportunities from the fads. And I know when to be scrappy for prototyping and diligent for production.

For my next move, I want to combine all of this experience to building a platform for encouraging patient involvement in their own health care, improving the health care system through lower cost and better outcomes, and networking patients, physicians, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Work Experience

Research & Engineering Fellow


August 2015 - December 2016