Rehman Javaid, CISSP

Arlington, Virginia, US

Rehman's Skills
Product Management

About Rehman

Recently started a consulting firm providing a variety of services and solutions to the government and commercial clients. Primary focus is cyber-security consulting, but looking to expand further by leveraging new/emerging technologies. I do have programmers supporting me if needed, but I'm looking for someone with a passion for building a successful company.

I'm energetic, hard-working, focus on collaboration, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. I can easily adapt to any situation, and I'm a motivated self-starter. I like to think of myself as a business guy, and also a cyber security subject matter expert. I have B.S. degree from North Carolina State University in Business, and my M.S. in Technical Management from Johns Hopkins. I also have a variety of industry certifications, including the CISSP. I'm open to expanding outside of the security arena and potentially work in social media, and mobile application development solutions.