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I am passionate about travel, the cruise industry and encouraging as many people to experience all this world has to offer. I'm also equally passionate about sales and marketing, figuring out how to get someone to agree to or buy something, for the right reasons. I worked in software for 5 years and loved working in that environment. When my mother passed away, I decided to take a trip around the world while I still could travel and somehow found myself working on a cruise ship (as a bartender, suggested by a friend). 8 years, 5 cruise lines and 4 positions later, I am here on looking for a co-founder. Why? After working as an onboard cruise consultant for the last 4 years, I confirmed that there is a huge opportunity in this industry. To plan & book a cruise for the 1st time, get ready to sift through a mess of different sources of information that are not always relevant, up to date and the information may be given by someone who has never taken a cruise before. Our company will develop a tool/site/app to provide users a focused approach to researching & booking a cruise, along with researching the shore excursions, restaurants & shopping opportunities in the ports. There are currently a lot of pain points involved in all this. Far too often I would hear "I wish I knew this before I booked the cruise or before I got on the ship". The cruise would end up stressing and upsetting people, a total waste of money and energy. I have a clear vision of the company and the challenge we're solving. Helping people quickly get the up to date, relevant information provided to them either by our knowledge base or having the ability to push questions in real time to cruise experts (someone who has taken at least one cruise). The website/app will benefit people who have never taken a cruise, and even assist experienced cruisers find information they may not have (example: I've cruised 10 times but it's my first cruise to Alaska, I need help planning my shore excursions). The site is a marriage of with the clean look of (look them up to see what skills & technology that would be needed to get something like them up and running). I have a clear revenue model and it will change the way some things are done in the industry (it will disrupt the market in a good way). I need someone who is willing to put in the time for a prototype with a long term vision of developing the #1 tool for the cruise market. It most likely will evolve into more, similar to Google with Google+ as cruising is very social. This will change lives. Contact me if you are ready to shake up an industry.