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Reilly Kons

Marketing, Finance, Sales

Waterville, Maine, US


Age Group



"First of all, you’re not going to become a millionaire working for someone else. That’s a highly unlikely outcome, unless it’s an entrepreneurial situation where you’re getting some equity in the company. If you can afford to take a risk and you’re young enough, either start your own company or be involved with one where you’re racking up equity. There’s no other path to becoming a millionaire. No employer is going to let you make a million dollars off of their business. They don’t have to. "Realize that if you want that path, that journey to becoming a millionaire, you have to sacrifice a lot and work like a dog. I did. There was no balance in my life. I wasn’t even around when my kids were young. But today, I can afford to gather them with me every weekend anywhere on Earth I want to." - Kevin O'Leary


B.S. Marketing Management '17

Work Experience

Business Analyst Intern

CGI Group

February 2017 - January 0


Thomas College

B.S. Marketing Management

2014 - 2017