Corona, California, US

Real Estate Problem Solver & Advocate
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About REProblemSolver

This is an update on my profile. Licensing my online business method did not work out so I am working on creating an online membership site that helps landlords and tenants solve the common problems of the rental process. I recently launched a website and am in search of someone with the skillsets I lack (technology, sales, marketing, software).

My website currently focuses only on the educational part of my concept for landlords. It was time consuming to get the site up where it is now and I do not have the patience to implement the tenant features. I would like to find someone who has strengths where I am weak so I can get all the features up and running to generate a good list of viable leads & clients.

If you have a passion for real estate, problem solving, start-ups and bridging the gap between these two markets then I would be interested in speaking with you and seeing if we can add value to one another.